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This website supports PhpMongoAdmin (PMDbA), a modern SPA MongoDB ® management tool, built as a portable web application. Php-Mongo-Admin can be installed onto any server that supports PHP, and also runs in Docker on any supported OS.

PhpMongoAdmin can communicate with any MongoDB server regardless of location. Local, remote and clusters inlcuding MongoDb Atlas.

PMdbA tool is now in BETA testing with the 1st iteration providing a broad range of installation options and methods. PhpMongoAdmin supports multiple MongoDB configurations which enable instant switching between database servers.

We welcome all to try out PMDbA @ demo.phpmongoadmin.com All planned component have been implements to the MVP status including a Cluster-Overview page.

Our first official Beta Release occurred on 5th December 2021. We'll be fine tuning a few more components as we iterate through Bate versions up to RC1.

PhpMongoAdmin may be download via our Github portal: github.com/php-mongo/admin or from our downloads page: PMA Downloads

Once we have achieved our first Beta Release we'll publish PMA via Packagist as a composer install. After that we'll also be focusing on expanding the installation methods to include BASH scripted installs and also installation via a Docker image.

Our aim is for PMDbA to be the best opensource MongoDB admin tool! But wait there's more: Node-Mongo-Admin is also taking shape!

Docker Releases: We have created two different docker-compose projects: Docker Compose App & Docker Compose Full. These are our precursors to creating a dedicated a docker image. Docker-Compose-Full is a self contained docker environment that is a ready to go  with Apache2 / MongoDB and PhpMongoAdmin for your own projects.  This package has just passed its initial testing phase and only requires a few more tweaks to deliver a full project skeleton. Following in the same theme: Docker-Compose-App is a docker-compose build that only provides Apache2 & PhpMongoAdmin.

Document insert and duplicate is now completed, along with a few other new features.

Its now possible to add new documents to a collection. This action can also be repeated incrementally.

We've also added the ability to add anew field to a single document or globally to all documents in the current collection.

All basic document handling functions are now completed and have passed the initial test phase.


While we value our underlying technical connection with MongoDB ®, we have no affiliation or dirrect association with MongoDB ®

Php Mongo Admin is not affiliated with MongoDB ® in any manner and all / any use of the name MongoDB ® or the MongoDB ® logo is purely for the purpose of reference only and does not infer any ownership or rights to use the name or their logo or make any claim of any form of relationship with the MongoDB ® trademark.

 We heartfully thank MongoDB ® for providing such a great tool for the world to use. Our intention is to harness the greatness that exists and make it accessible for all.

This website and its associated application 'PhpMongoAdmin' is part of the Php Mongo Tools (www.phpmongotools.com) project group which is owned, managed and supported by Masterform Mobile & Web (www.mfmaw.com)


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