Welcome to PHP Mongo Admin

This website supports our MongoDB ® management tool, built as a portable LAMP web application. PMDBA can be installed onto any server that supports PHP.

Our MongoDB Admin tool is now available as an Alpha release, and we welcome all to download and try out the tool. We'll be rolling out new components over the next few weeks, and with each release we'll flag a new alpha versions.

Based on our current progress we plan on being ready for Beta Release by 1st September.

PhpMongoAdmin may be download via our Github portal: github.com/php-mongo/admin or from our downloads page: PMA Downloads

Once we have a beta release we'll publish via Packagist as a composer install.

Document insert and duplicate is now completed, along with a few other new features.

Its now possible to add new documents to a collection. This action can also be repeated incrementally.

We've also added the ability to add anew field to a single document or globally to all documents in the current collection.

All basic document handling functions are now completed and have passed the initial test phase.


While we value our underlying technical connection with MongoDB ®, we have no affiliation or dirrect association with MongoDB ®

Php Mongo Admin is not affiliated with MongoDB ® in any manner and all / any use of the name MongoDB ® or the MongoDB ® logo is purely for the purpose of reference only and does not infer any ownership or rights to use the name or their logo.

This website and its associated application 'PhpMongoAdmin' is part of the Php Mongo Tools (www.phpmongotools.com) project group which is owned, managed and supported by Masterform Mobile & Web (www.mfmaw.com)


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