This is the second official alpha release of PHP Mongo Admin: phpmongoadmin-v1.0.0-alpha-0.8

There have been 7 merges with over 20 commits added since the last release.

The following  new functionality has been completed and is ready for alpha testing.

  1. Full scope of document and document data management
  2. Improved data conversion between JSON and Array styling
  3. Additional collection based functionality
  4. Export and Import of one or more collection within the current database scope
  5. Import JSON data from MongoDB Compass
  6. Improved public page view and content
  7. Improved login and logout functionality
  8. Improved LHS quick links implementation
  9. General bug fixes

Please report any issues via our Github channel, our public support request form on this website, our PhpMongoTools support forum or our Twitter page.

Download or report issues here:

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