This is the third official alpha release of PHP Mongo Admin: phpmongoadmin-v1.0.1-alpha-1.0

There have been 1 merge with 4 commits added since the last release.

The following  new functionality has been completed and is ready for alpha testing.

  1. Added Collection properties management modal
  2. Added Collection index(s) management modal
  3. Added Collection rename facility
  4. Added scroll watch to lock the top document pagination into a fixed position
  5. Added Collection duplication management modal
  6. Added Collection validation view modal
  7. Added the 'Explain current Query' for current collection context within modal view
  8. Added a Document filter tool for current collection context
  9. Fixed query actions for both JSON and ARRAY contexts for the findAll action
  10. Improvement to the styling used in Collection/Document views
  11. All Collection related functionality now completed, apart from adding Remove/Modify context to the live Query tool

Please report any issues via our Github channel, our public support request form on this website, our PhpMongoTools support forum or our Twitter page.

Download or report issues here:

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