FeatureFree Pro
 Create an unlimited number of databases
 Yes  Yes
 Complete set of object types and attributes  Yes  Yes
 Generate collections with mixed content types  Yes  Yes
 Pre defined data schemas  Yes  Yes
 Multi Lingual support with English GB as the default, CN and DE  Yes  Yes
 Connect with MongoDB Atlas clusters  Yes  Yes
 Application is W3C compliant, using labels for all form elements  Yes  Yes
 Each database has its own optional set of parameters  Yes  Yes
 The PhpMongoAdmin application has convenient options configuration capability  Yes  Yes
 Able to run on most server environments  Yes  Yes
 Categorised databases  Yes  Yes
 Setup and or integration support  No  Yes
 Configuration options to hide databases or collections  Yes  Yes
 Quickly and easily edit or alter any previously generated element  Yes  Yes
 Quickly and easliy create HOT links to any form of saved data  Yes  Yes
 PhpMongoAdmin is packaged with a set of default (pre-generated) usable schemas  Yes  Yes
 Substantial Inline Help system within the applications tools  Yes  Yes
 Free access to our support forum and online help  Yes  Yes
 Premium support packages available - includes automated updating of features  Yes  Yes
 Extended management capabilities for Atlas clusters  No  Yes
 Automated Inline Help updating system  No  Yes
 Inline Bug Reporting tool in the application  No  Yes
 Automatic configuration backups  No  Yes
 SSO integrations  No  Yes

This 'feature set' is by no means a complete listing of all the capabilitys of the PhpMongoAdmin. There are simply too many to list on one page. Please refer to the Online Help pages to gain a better understanding of the full capabilities of our applications.


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