Alpha release:

PhpMongoAdmin v1.0.0-alpha-0.8: released 02nd September 2020

PhpMongoAdmin create and delete Database, Collection and Document

All document functions completed:  insert, add field to current or all documents within the current collection, duplicate, delete.

Most collection based function completed: search, create, delete, clear, statistics , search history

Import and Export using collection context. Import many collection into one, or restore exported documents to original collections.

Export all or any collections from current database as *.js  (PhpMongoAdmin format) with optional GZIP compression.

Export any single collection as JSON with optional GZIP comression.

View exported data for copy/paste from textarea.

Import JSON data previously exported from MongoDB Compass.

Improved conversion between Highlighted JSON display, Array display when viewing documents.

Improved  LHS quick navigation behavior.

Improved database view layout.

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