Alpha release:

PhpMongoAdmin v1.0.1-alpha-1.0: released 09 September 2020

Individual Collection property management modal. Manage the capped, size and max parameters

Collection Index(s) management modal. Add new indexes to a collection

Rename a Collection tool.

Added scroll watch in order to lock the Top Pagination into a fixed position for improved UX

Added a Collection duplication management modal. Duplicate any permissible collection.

Added Collection validation view modal. Validate any permissible collection - requires full admin access.

Added the 'Explain current Query' action which analyses the currently active document query

Added an inline document filter tool that operates within the current collection context

Fixed query actions for both JSON and ARRAY contexts for the 'findAll' action

Improvement to the styling used in Collection/Document views.

All Collection related functionality now completed, apart from adding Remove/Modify context to the live Query tool.

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