This page provide Security Warnings and information for created Aliases installations

Never install this application directly into a nested directory on a Production server.

In some cases you may want to use the application as follows:

The safest way to facilitate this type of installation is to use an Alias directive, which is explained further below.

However, in some cases you may be forced to install this application into a sub-directory which is below another websites root. Like so:
In this scenario the application is cloned (copied) into the directory /phpmongoadmin/ and in must be loaded by calling the /public/ directory.

Security Warning:

If you place this application within another websites directory structure, you will expose folders and files that are never meant to be public.

PhpMongoAdmin is built as a SPA using Laravel as the RESTful API. Laravel's file structure is designed to provide a /public/ directory which is meant to serve as the 'root' folder.

Never install into a nested directory on a production server into the public domain: you may unwillingly expose configuration or database files

Please Note: at this time some features like background images may not load correctly in a nested sub-directory install. These issues are low priority and may be address in later versions

Alias Installation

Thus is the safest way to create a nested URL structure, as indicated earlier on:

Follow this basic 'generic' guide to manually create a nested install.

We intend to provide an installation script for BETA release which will setup this application by default as an Aliased application.

  • In order to setup an Alias directive you will need access to the web server configuration for the website (or websites) where you want the Alias to be active.
  • Assume the following directory structure:
    • /home/<your username>/public_html   (your default website reside in the public_html folder)
    • Clone or Unzip this application into:
      • /home/<your username>/phpmongoadmin
    • In this setup you are mapping /home/<your username>/phpmongoadmin/public into your existing website
    • Please note: by default Linux user sites are loaded auto-magically and you may need assistance from your hosts administrator to complete this setup
    • This structure is simply for demonstration and does not indicate any prerequisite requirements
  •  There are many variations of web server setups: we will cover an Apache 2.4 install and presume that you want the alias to be GLOBAL
  • Follow these steps:
  • After a successful restart  and assuming that you have completed the other setup tasks:


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