PhpMongoAdmin provides management and administration capabilities for any local or remote MongoDB

Our current version provides these tools within the application:

  1. Dashboard  ( display and overview of your server, database(s) and application )
  2. Quick-Nav    ( display a listing of all manageable databases along with all associated collections )
  3. Servers         ( displays management and configuration tools for all MongoDB server connection configurations  )
  4. Databases   ( displays all databases along with a full statistical overview and db managemnt tools )
  5. Collections   ( display all documents within a database and associated collection handling tools )
  6. Documents  ( display all document data along with document handling functions )
  7. Server           ( display diagnostic and statistical information for a current application server )
  8. CRUD            ( create, read, update & delete functions for Databases,Collections and Documents )
  9. Users            ( Full application and mongodb user management capabilities (currently only global mongodb user roles are available))
  10. Help              ( application documentation )
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